frodo in a t-shirt is odd and adorable at the same time

merry’s hair clip though

there is literally nothing I don’t like about this gif

Playing with fireworks, again.
Women not employed by the beauty industrial complex will tell you that your thirties are better than your twenties, due to increased confidence and comfort in one’s own skin. It’s counter-intuitive, perhaps, for a culture as youth obsessed as ours, where magazines whisper that happiness is proportional to the gap between one’s thighs, but I suspect that part of contentment lies instead in the spaces one takes up without reservation or apology. Suzannah Paul, “Nevermind the Gap" on deeperstory.com. (via unfamiliarize)

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Drink water every day and don’t let boys be mean to you

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Seven years ago I was a ten year old dressed in robes queuing outside asda for Deathly Hallows BAM nostalgia 

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Because I still haven’t learned how
to tell the whole truth yet.

Because I still can’t speak when
certain people are watching.

Because I have a lot of questions
but give a lot of answers.

Because I can’t breathe.

Because I am always in love and
never brave with it.

Because my mouth isn’t a kingdom.
Has never been a kingdom.
Could never be a kingdom.

Do you even know? The difference
between being soft and
being suffocated?
Because I don’t.

Because I wrap my hand
around the fist.
Because I put the blanket over
the fire.
Because I kiss the wound and
wear it like lipstick.

Don’t leave me behind. Don’t
forget about me. Don’t hold
it against me.

Because I’m still young.
Because I have time.
Because I’m still young.
Because I have time.
Because saying that doesn’t feel
as free as it used to.

Caitlyn Siehl, Have Time
(After “Because” by Melissa May)

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